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Sarah Luscombe

Your Voice on Council

Candidate for Coastal Ward
Marion Council

Hi, I’m Sarah

I’m standing to represent you as local Coastal Ward Councillor in the Marion Council 2022 election. I’m a mum, a clinical psychologist, a gardener, a community volunteer, a dog owner, and a local Hallett Cove resident, having bought my house here in 2009.

The Coastal Ward is a great place to live. Whether it’s our pristine coastal environment, our quiet residential streets, or our strong sense of community, there’s a reason we’ve all come together in this community.

I know we can make our shared Coastal Ward a place where community matters and where we protect our environment. If we come together, we can elect an engaged council that promotes fairness and acts in our interests.

As your voice on council, I’ll make sure community stays at the heart of what we do. That means supporting our sports teams and community groups with proper funding. It means reducing rubbish and waste in our creeks and waterways. It means making sure our disabled and elderly residents can get around easily. And it means more green public spaces and thriving local businesses where we can enjoy the community we all love.

What I stand for

As your ward councillor, my vision includes building on local community services, clubs, activities and ways to get involved in our community; looking after our environment; improving action on climate change; better waste and recycling management; and improving opportunities for small businesses to flourish in our area.

My values and priorities which will help me to deliver positive outcomes for our local area include:

Fairness, equality, and social justice
Our community should be for everyone. I’ll stand against discrimination and work to implement fair policies.

Honesty, transparency, and accountability
You should be able to trust and understand how Council is working. I’ll always act openly and honestly as your councillor.

Environmental and ecological sustainability
Our environment is precious. I’ll pursue innovative and sensible policies to improve recycling, waste management, and our Council’s response to climate change.

Community belonging, participation and inclusion
Strong communities are built on connection. I’ll support local community services, clubs and activities, and I’ll work to make sure everyone can get around and get involved.

What I’ll act on

Enhance opportunities for inclusive community spaces, sports and activities

I’ll establish ways that Marion Council can further support shared common spaces and activities like community gardens, our sporting clubs, the Arts, parks/playgrounds, and green spaces.

Advocate for electric vehicle charging stations to be established

With ever increasing petrol prices, many people in the community are looking into purchasing an electric vehicle but are concerned about how charging their car. Local electric charging stations would make owning EVs more practical in our area and would also encourage visitors to stop, charge their car, and shop/do business in our region.

Increase opportunities for more local shops/small businesses to flourish

In our largely populated suburban coastal region, community members want more opportunities to set up flourishing small businesses. We want to be able to access more quality local shops and services without having to drive out to other areas.

Reinvigorate the Hallett Cove/Marion Coastal Walk

Our beautiful and unique coastal boardwalk is an incredible asset and drawcard to our local area. I’ll ensure that the walk and surrounding environment is maintained and protected.

Look after our beautiful Marino and Hallett Cove Conservation Parks

As a volunteer for Trees for Life and McLaren Vale Biodiversity Project, I know the importance of environmental and ecological sustainability. I will ensure the natural environment in our conservation parks is preserved and maintained so the parks can be enjoyed long into the future.

Make it easier for residents to recycle soft scrunchable plastics

I volunteer with Adopt A Spot Scheme cleaning up Waterfall Creek in Hallett Cove. I’ve picked up many kilos of soft plastics like wrappers and plastic bags along the creek. I’ll address waste management and stormwater runoff to stop plastics ending up in our oceans.

Improve access for pedestrians, bike riders and those with a disability across our area

Many community members, including myself, enjoy walking, running, bike riding and taking dogs out for a daily ‘sniff tour’ in our neighbourhood. I want to ensure that we have lots of options to get out and about within our community and that these opportunities are more accessible to those who have mobility requirements.

Greening our streets

I want to build more opportunities for appropriate verge gardens, raingardens and street trees to reduce urban heat island effects.

Vote 1

Sarah Luscombe

Your Voice on Council

Candidate for Coastal Ward
Marion Council

How to vote

Who is eligible to vote?
Anyone who is on the state (House of Assembly) electoral roll
or has completed an enrolment to join the supplementary roll.

Is voting compulsory?
Voting is not compulsory but it is important to vote so that your preferred
candidate is elected to represent you.

When do voting papers arrive in the post?
Mail out of voting materials is between Friday 14 October 2022 and Thursday 20 October 2022.

When does voting close?
Close of voting is 5pm, Thursday 10 November 2022 by post.

How many positions are there?
2 councillors will be elected to represent the Coastal Ward.

How many candidates does a voter get to vote for?
You can number your voting card in numerical order putting the candidate
you prefer first and numbering all the way to the one you prefer least.

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